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In order to follow the religion of Islam, you have to do a lot of tasks like fasting during Ramadan, pray every day, and recite the letters of the Quran in the Arabic language. Well, practicing Muslims have to do a lot more than just following the religious law. Muslims go far and beyond as they engage in remembering Allah by reciting the name of Allah again and again. Islam is a religion which is full of regular practices.


This way, app developers have considered our needs to stick around our daily rituals. There is no lack of Islamic Apps for Android. Some apps can serve as a compass to show the prayer’s direction, while some have the recitation of Quran stored by several popular reciters. These apps can also remind you of the time to prayer, especially on Ramadan. You can also read the Quran anytime and anywhere on your device without using an internet connection.


In this day and age, we all are losing track of our basic and most important holy practices and/or our knowledge. It is usually because of busy schedules and technology which takes a toll on our religious life. With the advancement of technology, there are so many entertainment options. We are more interested in binge watching our shows rather than reciting the holy Quran and performing prayers. This is said reality. Luckily there are some Islamic apps that make prayers and other holy practices even easier for most Muslims.


Muslims can remotely access the Islamic calendar, Quran, surah, ayya, PBUH (Life of Prophet Muhammad) and others. Hence, these apps can easily help Muslims to earn sawab. The best thing is that these apps are available on Google Play store for free.


These apps are known to be the best companions for Muslims across the world when it comes to reciting the Quran and performing other religious practices.