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From basic filter apps to selfie companions, there is no lack of photography apps that can completely redefine your photogenic life. Smartphones have come a long way from just ‘point, shoot, and share’ style in photography.


According to the annual internet trends report by Mary Meeker, a tech analyst, over 500 million pictures were uploaded and shared on daily basis in 2013. Later in 2015, the daily upload had been raised to 1.8 billion, which is very startling. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to have a great rise over the past few years, thanks to the popularity of photography apps on Android.


We all have been aware of the leading apps when it comes to mobile photography, such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Yahoo’s Flickr has been trying hard to compete with apps that are more popular since its mobile relaunch in 2012.


With every Android software update, the default camera app has seen a lot of improvements in Android. However, it still lacks some of the most important features for photography. Due to this reason, a lot of photography apps are here to fill the gaps for editing, shooting, and sharing.


Though Instagram comes with many handy editing features, these apps can definitely change the whole image and you cannot easily spot any flaw in the picture. Most of the time, you have to do more editing in some parts than others.


It is especially true when taking pictures on low light conditions. It causes underexposure or overexposure in some areas of the pictures. Therefore, there are some brush and selective photo editing tools available at Apps APK, which are designed well to deal with it. You can easily edit the saturation, exposure, and other features in the picture. These types of apps can be the saviors for the pictures, which seem to be washed out.