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Strategic or strategy games are the genre which requires players to make accurate decisions. These games are designed strategically to test your own decision-making skills to determine the result. Our natural decision tree style thinking comes into play in almost all games of this kind and very high situational awareness is required.


Today, mobile games are no longer limited to only platform and puzzle games. Developers are now planning a lot of console-quality strategy games to provide more immersive experience. If you are bored of endless runners like Temple Run and want something more challenging, move to Strategy genre.


Strategy games have really been attracting smart minds over the years. Be it a set of chess or board game, players always love to have a challenge. The evolution of technology has redefined strategy games a lot. These days, players can easily get indulged in the world of gaming on their 6-inch screen. These games are not as simple as they seem to be. They have very unique strategy which takes patience and proper planning.


If you are ready to roll, it’s time to train your lazy mind with some heavy brain lifting by playing these games. They are definitely not like most common mobile games which have repetitive pattern and simple gameplay. If you need some amazing and thrilling twitch-fests, these games literally challenge your mind. You can expect some strategic challenges, tactical puzzles, and resource management techniques.


If you are really into strategy games, you may definitely have played award-winning title Plants vs. Zombies. It is the hottest favorite strategy game which involves endless battle between plants and the herds of undead. This legacy has now been continued with Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You can emerge as a Plant hero once again to take fight to another level. It is basically a collectible card game where you are tasked to collect up to 20 heroes to make your own team.