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Over the past few years, only a handful of apps have managed to make a great presence in the world and Trivia is one of the most popular genres out there. You can earn real money on your mobile wallet every day by playing live trivia games and improve your general knowledge as well.


Trivia has been an age-old concept when we used to play quizzes over telephone. Today, its popularity has hit Android market too. Due to this reason, we have added loads of live trivia games at Apps APK. These apps have been designed really well to help you win money and get the live trivia experience on your phone.


If you do not know, trivia is a game in which you will have to answer questions based on different themes and topics. You can play in a team or individually but you have to come out with maximum number of right answers. Trivia questions are no longer limited to parties, events, and pubs. You can play these games on the go and win by scoring higher.


Along with entertainment and fun, you can also expand your general knowledge in different areas. Its main goal is to form healthy debate and discussions among the players. The main goal behind these games is having fun and learning, rather than just winning prizes.


Answering trivia questions also improve friendly competition to light up your mood and make you feel good overall. You can have the feeling of satisfaction when you win the game. It is a great way to keep your family together by playing along.


The best part is that trivia questions are asked on different topics like history, sports, health, science, entertainment, geography, and others. You can also play trivia on your favorite movie title.