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Business Apps

These days, Android Smartphones have come a long way as they have become an important part of any business. They can easily perform complex things like tax calculation, flight booking, and fitness tracking and so on. The productivity and business apps listed here in Apps APK provide many benefits to the users while saving time and money. From an entry-level staff to top-level management, everyone relies on business apps for productivity.


Many business apps have come up with the evolution of the Smartphone market. According to your business needs, you can easily add versatility to your business and productivity with different types of business apps. Here are some of the top categories of business apps 


Productivity Apps

These apps are designed to create spreadsheets, documents, resume, digital videos, music, etc. and other data. In addition, these apps play a vital role in increasing performance and productivity. Almost everyone uses these types of apps, from entry-level to top-level employees. Some of the common apps in this category are business card readers, calendars, schedules, expense trackers, tax calculators, resume makers, and workflow apps.


Travel Apps

If you have to travel frequently, whether for business or leisure, these types of apps are just for you at Apps APK. They are very handy to book train and flight tickets, hotels, and travel packages with a few taps on your Smartphone. Business people also use these types of apps to travel for projects or business tours like navigation apps, location apps, flight reservation apps, hotel booking apps, travel organizers, translators and even more.


Utility Apps

In this category, you can find apps used to do the work faster and with more efficiency. With the help of these apps, users can easily search and analyze data with ease. Some of the best examples are data security, scanning, currency converters, memo apps, and world clock apps.


Enterprise Apps

These apps have been designed specially to meet the needs of a business instead of an individual. Additionally, it can serve different purposes like interest-based groups, schools, businesses, retailers, and government. These apps are very usable for sales automation, expense and time tracking, approvals. Some of the best examples are ERP apps, expense tracker, helpdesk apps, and others.



These are some of the most common apps, which are widely used for specific capabilities like exchanging files, remote access, and messages in different formats. it can work between the users and computers like social networking, email apps, meeting centers, video conferencing, and instant messaging.


Mobile Payments

These types of apps have been very popular and are commonly available in most smartphones. Also, these apps are very convenient for cashless transactions. Mobile payments have never been so easier with these apps. These types of apps are creating a buzz in the market. Many leading organizations like banks, grocery stores, and eCommerce stores are using these apps. Also, you can use one payment app at different outlets.


Mind Training Apps

These apps are helpful for professionals who want to improve productivity and focus on working hours, such as puzzle apps, drawing apps, quiz apps, and others.