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Nova Launcher Themes

Nova Launcher Themes

The customization options on Android are one of the main reasons why many users are moving to Android from iOS. These modifications can be ranging from just changing wallpapers to overhauling the whole OS using custom ROMs. However, when it comes to customizations, people do not go any further than trying out new themes. Some people do it for fun, while some are getting bored with stock skins. No matter what the reason is, icon packs and themes are growing these days rapidly.


There is no lack of over-the-top launchers for Android, which can improve your overall experience on Android with new icon packs and themes. This way, the launcher themes are known to be the cult classics. Even though you may not find the default themes in Nova Prime and Nova launcher, they are still known as some of the best launchers on the Android market.


At Apps APK, we have compiled a vast range of the Launcher themes, which can transform your Android skin. Nova launcher icon packs technically include wallpapers. If you are an Android user, you may have heard about Nova launcher and its themes for android. You might be disappointed because Nova launcher lacks its themes feature. Due to this reason, we have listed some of the best themes for Nova launcher.


You may not want to create a theme on your own because it is very time consuming and takes a lot of efforts. Therefore, we have done all the heart work and played around the best wallpapers, widgets, and icon packs as well as settings on Nova Launcher. Consequently, we have created some of the best themes for Nova launcher. These themes can add a personalized look to your Nova launcher. You can choose from different designs and wallpapers.