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Android Icon Packs

App icons come in different sizes, shapes and color schemes and they have various design schemes. Icons on Samsung phones look different from the ones on Google Pixel phones and others. No two developers’ icons can be the same. There are adaptive icons which can add some order to the clutter with a little bit of luck. Luckily, icon packs are available to add a new look to your device’s home screen. They are vivid and they come in different styles.


An icon pack includes several customized icons, which are packed within an app that you can install and apply to the software of your device using an Android app launcher. You can customize the app drawer and the overall look of the home screen with an app launcher. The stock app launcher on your device may not be suitable for all icon packs by default. Therefore, you may want to add an alternative app launcher to apply these icon packs.


These apps at Apps APK can easily add a refreshing look to your Android device. There are plenty of ways for you to do the same. You can install a custom launcher for Android or change the wallpaper to completely redefine the experience. You can change the overall look of app icons on the app drawer and home screen. These cool app icons play a vital role in our devices. These little symbols are seen more than anything else in daily use. You can change the overall look of them and mix things up.


Android is an open-source OS which provides a lot of room for customization and flexibility. You can easily change the overall look of the home screen as well as the default font style. You can install an icon pack to add a great new look to your phone.