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islamic dua mp3 or supplicating contains more than 50 best dua and azkar (Adhkar, Azkar & Dhikr) & islamic invocations.One of the most generous blessings of the month of Ramadan, is the opportunity of having Muslim dua audio & Du’a Mp3 (Duaa & Doowa) which is a matchless App for Android that will help you InshAllah to share ideas on listing down not only some awesome duas and Azkar, but also some informative duas for various Islamic celebrations and feasts.

Between the best invocations and supplications on the App, you can find dua qunoot (e qunoot/ qunut), dua istikhara (e istikhara), hajat, Ramadan, islamic duaen & adkar for fasting, for forgiveness, for exams, for protection, for success, qurani duain after azan, for studying, for marriage, for kids, to thank allah, after prayer (after salah, salat & after namaz), for children, for rizq, shifa, umrah, hajj…Etc

For this Ramadan 2018 islamic dua namaz App, you will go through some of the most important (Duas / Duaa / دعاء) you can invoke ALLAH daily, during different parts of your day in a beautiful and touching way.

Allah says: “Call on me; I will answer your (Prayer):- Quran, surah 40 (Ghafir), ayah 60: that why our dua in Arabic App, Includes authentic Duas from the Quran and Hadith. Specifically, the source of DUAs are the Quran verses, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, Ibn Maja, and more.

This App includes diverse types of Islamic supplications & most powerful dua, Adhkar , Duaa in Arabic too in several situations and to ask allah for help & for everything:
-Daily dua: Morning dua AND night dua/ Douaa in Sujud
-dua of prophets and azkar during Last 10 Days of Ramadan. dua for wealth, success in life, for good luck, for help, chlidren’s success, before sleeping , protection of family..etc
-Doua for protection against fitna of grave, before sleeping, for health, marriage, for travelling…
-Duaa for your progeny,your husband,parents,siblings and inlaws: dua love.
-Doa for Jannatul firdous al alaa (paradise), maghfirat.
-to be free from grudges jealousy,ungratefulness and hatred
– e hajat (hajaat),
-Doa After Salah : After praying, adkar during pregnancy,
-Duaa For iftar : when Ending The Fast- Iftaar
-Do3a For Sighting the Crescent Moon, for kids
– for Laila tul Qadr (Laylatul Qadr, Night of Power)
-Azkar for ending the Quran : khatm ul qurane (Coran)
-Adhkar Qiyam al layl (pray qiyam, Tahajjud) : Praying at Night
-Duaa for the End of Ramadan, for all problems, for pregnant women.
-Du’aa istikhara of adkar Anas bin malik…

These muslim duas are reciting by the best some famous Imams : Al Sudais, Al afassi/ Maher El Maaiqli, Ali Jaber, Hani Ar Rifai, Ahmed Al Ajmi, Cheikh Jebril, Mahmood Hedjaz, Ismail Menk, Hamza Tzortzis.

No 3G or WiFi needed, All invocations and dua rabbana are FREE.


1-Easy to Search any invocation like dua rizq of douaa 2018 of Islamic dua mp3 2018 by title or a word.
2-Set timer to play the supplication as Islamic ringtone 2018 (dua ringtone).
3-The possibility of setting any Duaa as Notification alert or Clock Alarm.
4- If you find ERRORS or MISTAKES let us know via EMAIL with correct details, for correction of dua mp3.
5-You can share Islamic duaa with your friends via social media: WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, emails or just by SMS.


has been tested on several mobile like ( Samsung Galaxy S8 an J7 and Edge, iphone™ 7 & 8, Google Pixel, Moto Z, G4, ZTE Axon 7, HTC 10, Sony Xperia XZ, lg phones , G5, Microsoft Lumia 950, Huawei P9, Oppo F1, note 9 , zte ). It is suitable for most Android™ devices.

If you benefit from this wonderful Islamic App, please remember us in your Salah!

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