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The security of mobile device has been a growing concern these days. The security of your confidential and personal information on your smartphone also matters the most. Smartphone has been the most widely used device for more and more users and businesses.

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Along with communication, they also plan and organize things and daily tasks. These technologies are going to bring a lot of changes in the information systems for an organization. As a result, they are also going to bring new security risks. Smartphones compile and collect many sensitive details. Hence, access should be controlled for security of user’s privacy as well as the intellectual property of an organization.


Like computers, smartphones are also the main targets for attacks. These attacks use the loopholes in smartphones, which can come from different modes of communication like SMS, MMS, Wi-Fi, GSM, Bluetooth and even internet. The attackers also target the vulnerabilities of the software and in the browser. Some malicious programs also attack due to poor knowledge of the user.


Due to this reason, many security measures have been developed for smartphones. From using various layers of security in software to controlling access to the users, good practices should be observed. From design to development of OS to downloadable apps and software layers, security is a major concern. With the growing awareness and concern of online security in this day and age, there are several security & privacy apps available in the app marketplace.


These apps provide security for everything from ad-blocking and anti-tracking to using anonymous browsing and communication to antivirus apps. It’s time to go beyond over-the-top malware scanners and security programs. We have listed some of the best security & privacy apps for your Android device. At Apps APK, these apps are designed to protect your private data against digital threats.