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In these days and age, people don’t have time to sit back and play console and PC games. This way, the smartphone industry has brought a significant boom to the gaming industry. Today, you can find hundreds of thousands of shooting games on the Android marketplace with console-quality graphics and stunning visuals to keep you hooked for hours.

Due to this reason, even the mid-range smartphones come with powerful processor and specifications that support those high-end games. Hence, your smartphone is the perfect go-to device for playing shooting games on the go.

Both professional and entry-level games are now playing high-quality games on Android. Both smartphone hardware and game development have reached the level to deliver world-class gaming experience. Shooter games come in different categories like first-person shooters and third-person shooters.

Out of all other subgenres, First-Person Shooter (FPS) has become a very popular category. It is based on the first-person view which involves combat with guns and other weapons. You can feel the action with the eyes of a character. These games usually have advanced 3D graphics and multiplayer modes. Most of these games are available for free with in-app purchases and ads. However, you need to buy some of them by paying upfront on the play store. At Apps APK, we have all the popular titles for free.

If you love shooting games, there is nothing more pleasing than knocking down virtual enemies with a nice shot. This is why shooting games have always been on demand by the players. They are best for those who need just time killers as well as hardcore gamers.

Shooting games come in different types, i.e. from old-school shooters which will take you back to the golden days of arcade games, to multiplayer shooters. There are thousands of epic titles available to give you a wonderful experience.