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Hola Launcher is a fully featured and great home screen app for Android and it has a lot of free content for the users. You can choose from a lot of Hola launcher themes, icons, add-on apps for great functionality, wallpapers, and also has its official widgets. Hola Launcher is also very easy to set up.


All you need to download the launcher from Google Play and the home button of our phone. Then, you can choose Hola Launcher to finish this action. Now you can perform the initial setup. Like many custom launchers available, Hola offers a lot of customization options as compared to default launcher on your device. It has hundreds of free Hola launcher themes, gestures, wallpapers, widgets, effects, animations, icon size, desktop grid size, and label size. You can easily customize Hola Launcher with a few taps.


If you are really specific to a launcher, you should definitely go for Hola launcher themes as it looks as closer as stock android. If you are bored of custom UI on your Android device, you can get the feel of stock Android with this app. According to the developers, Hola Launcher is small, light, and sleek. However, when you start using it, you will soon realize that they have offered something big in such a small package. In fact, it is more feature-rich, robust, and smoother than expected.


The best thing is that Hola launcher is very light to system resources. The Hola Launcher themes look really great graphically and they don’t affect system performance. It has random animations to make the themes even more adorable. For example, there is a small animation on the Weather/Clock widget, which draws a cloud when it comes to load the updates. It is a great launcher if you are bored of default look of your device.