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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.Deeniyat Educational and Charitable Trust is pleased to announce the Islamic android app for Prayer Times, Qibla direction and Daily Quran & Hadees. The application provides all prayer timings for any given location in the world. The app makes use of your device GPS and/or Network for your current location, and displays prayer times for that particular day/time.

Below are the major features of the app

* Prayer Times
The app provides accurate 5 prayer times for the users current location without using internet(offline) using user’s devices location services. The app also covers Sehri End , Ishraaq, Chaasht and Iftaar times round the year which is not covered by any app for such type. Day Light Saving adjustment for Northern and Southern countries are also taken into consideration wherever applicable.

* Daily Quran & Hadees
One of the distinct feature of the app is it displays different Hadees for every prayer. The Hadees can be instantly shared as well over other communication channels. The Hadees is available in all the available languages based on user language selection within the app.

* App Widget
The app is available with App widget for prayer times and Hadees, which can be placed on the home screen for quick access. The widget updates prayer name and time automatically for every prayer with beautiful background as per the current prayer time. The Hadees also changes along with every prayer

* Qibla Direction
The app makes use of your device’s compass to show you Qiblah direction in addition to other directions of East, West etc

* City Selection
Added Option to check Prayer times for 27000+ cities offline

* Access All Hadees
You can access all Ahaadees at once on all hadees screen

* Enhanced Share Function
You can now share any Hadees from within the app and from widget as an image in multiple languages

* Prayer timings for Entire year
You can access prayer timings for entire year on this yearly timing calendar. The timings would be based on that specific location

* Location
The app would also display the current country and city if internet connection is available

* Prayer Settings
The app provides maximum number of possibilities for prayer times settings like Calculation methods, Asr juristic method, high latitude calculations and time format

* Prayer Time Adjustment
You can set a fixed jama’at time or manual adjustment to auto calculated time as per your need

* Alarm
The app has inbuild support for playing Alarm, ringtone or notification when it is prayer time. The default option is off. You can enable this from settings.

* Help
Help section provides details about various section or screens within the app.

* Languages
The app currently supports English, English Transliteration, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Gujarati languages. We would be supporting Tamil, Bengali and more languages soon.

* Completely Advertisement Free

Please report if you see any mistakes or have any suggestions, and we would address it at the earliest.

Deeniyat Educational and Charitable Trust

What’s New

Added Support for Oreo
Added adjustable Islamic date
Added more readable fonts
Added Sunset time
Fixed spacing issues
Added Option to check Prayer times for 27000+ cities offline
Day Light Saving adjustment for Northern and Southern countries
Now share hadees in multiple languages
Bug fixes and improvements

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Prayer Times Qibla and Hadees
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