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These days, everyone is becoming health conscious. The whole world wants to be in shape. Why should you be left behind? You do not have to pay heavy fees for a personal trainer or gym memberships these days. You can use your Smartphone as a fitness tool to be healthy. There are several health & fitness apps that can keep your health on check for free. So, have a look at what these apps can do to your fitness –


Keep Your Progress on Check

The health & fitness apps available at Apps APK will let you know about your progress on your personal training. These apps simply use the GPS on your phone to track your speed and mileage whenever you go out for cycling or running. You can get a progress report every time. These apps can also share your results for more motivation while working out.


Get Workout Tricks for Free

These apps can save your time and money to hit the gym or hire a personal trainer. It is also not easy to find a routine, which works. However, these apps can work. There are plenty of workout ideas and tips these apps can give as per your existing fitness level and target workout intensity. You do not have to spend on professional routines and fitness guides either. You can easily plan your workout and attain your health goals easily.


Your Own Yoga Studio is in your hands

Yoga is among the most popular and widely accepted exercises when it comes to flexibility and strength. However, you need time and money to go and join yoga classes. Even better, you can use fitness apps to teach you proper yoga postures with the help of video tutorials and diagrams wherever you want to work out. These apps can plan your own workout without having to join regular classes.


Set goals on your own

When it comes to working out on your exercise routine, you may want to set goals that are achievable without having to push yourself harder. The transition from a completely dull lifestyle to an active one within 30 days is not an easy feat. Nevertheless, fitness apps can do it for you and set achievable goals. As per the tested time frame, these apps can help you from being a couch potato to a constant runner within a few weeks. They can help you raise the bar of intensity to run longer distances. You can set realistic goals to stay motivated and positive.


Keep track on your diet every day

Diet plays a vital role when it comes to fitness. You can use your smartphone to keep your diet on track every day. Whether you want to lose fat and cut calories or eat high protein foods, these fitness apps can help you. These weight watcher mobile apps can keep you on your way to total fitness. You should try them out and see what they can do for free. These apps can definitely help you achieve your goals.