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Augmented Reality Games

AR or Augmented Reality Gaming is famous as the next big thing in the gaming industry. It can combine the audio and game visuals with the actual environment of the player. When VR games or Virtual Reality games use a confined area or a room to form a specific environment for the user, the Augmented Reality games use the current environment and create an immersive playing field in itself. As the name suggests, VR games need a dedicated VR headset. On the other side, most of the AR games don’t need them. They are easily played on portable gaming systems, tablets, and smartphones.


About the game

The augmented reality game basically creates the predefined environment above the actual environment of the user. The game is basically simple to play just like virtual checkers on the table. There are several advanced AR games available at Apps APK which creates an immersive environment on your surroundings. For example, a game can have in-game characters that climb around the real-world objects on virtual bridges.


Creating an environment really takes a lot of time for the developers as they have to constantly develop a new environment for each level to keep the players engaged. On the other side, AR gaming can automatically expand the field and uses the diversity of real-life environment. This way, the game becomes even more interesting with real touch.


AR gaming

When it comes to AR gaming, Pokemon Go is the best example as it was the first game which brought a revolution in AR gaming. It uses your smartphone’s gyroscope, camera, GPS and clock for creating location-based AR environment. You will see a rustle of grass and a map of the existing environment. You need to catch a Pokemon with the tap of the touch screen. It displays Pokemon in the real world environment in AR mode.