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What should you expect in this App?

Quran progress App is an application that aims at simplifying the learning of Quran in original Arabic language.On one hand, this application aims at assisting the non Arabic speakers and beginners in their efforts to memorise Quran – As it’s well known that people memorise better things they understand – and on the other hand, the application seeks to improve the global understanding of the explicit meaning of Quran verses at listening or meditation.For this reason, Quran progress is based on two major points:• It uses a highly effective memorization technique, called spaced repetition, which has been demonstrated by renown academy officials.• It maximises efficacy of learning, as it assists to learn the maximum with minimum efforts (see below). What’s New Minor bug fixes

Quran Progress allows you to learn Quranic Arabic whilst having fun!
It’s now the number one Quranic Arabic learning app.
If you also want to marvel at the splendour of the Quran, if you too are frustrated by saying your prayers and reading the Quran without understanding the Arabic, look no further – you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a beginner or not, 5 minutes per day is enough to help you:
⦁ Learn to read, understand and memorise the Quran with ease 📖
⦁ Understand Arabic 👳🧕
⦁ Focus during your prayers 🤲
⦁ Improve your relationship with Allah 💎
⦁ Memorise the Quran more easily 💖

Why should you use Quran Progress?

⦁ Smart learning: Quran Progress focuses on the most commonly appearing
⦁ Quranic vocabulary (over 1500 words) – less effort, better results!
⦁ Learn with ease: You are assisted by your very own virtual coach.
⦁ Learn stress free: Your revision plan is generated automatically.
⦁ Learn without forgetting: The app utilises spaced repetition because learning Arabic is good but retaining it is better!
⦁ Learn in a fun way : the best way to learn Arabic is by having fun!
⦁ Varied learning exercises: Quizzes, Multiple Choice Questions, Writing and Guessing Games.

All the vocabulary from Medina book (Volumes 1 and 2 for now).

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