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Arcade Games

Arcade games have been the most popular genres of games for a very long time. They are basically known for the consistent challenge, short playtimes, and easy to play controls. As the game progresses, the gameplay becomes more challenging to survive. Some of the popular titles in this genre are Subway Surfers, Jetpack Joyride, and Angry Birds series. These types of games are very addictive and provide a fun experience to the players so they are urged to keep going. Arcade games have come a long way from coin-operated classics to modern one-touch downloads on Android phones.


Arcade games have been here before the invention of smartphones. They were the most common mediums for entertainment. They are usually played in coin-operated machines where you have to put coins to play addictive and short-paced games. Even with the evolution of technology, people are still stuck in nostalgia and love to play these games on their Android phones. Even better, you can play those classic arcade games for free.


If you are an Android user and never played Subway Surfers and Temple Run series, you played nothing. These are some of the top arcade games for Android that you must try at least once. In both of these games, you have to run until you fall and collect coins and objects as much as you can. These are endless runner games but are very tricky. They have a lot of twists and hurdles you have to cross to survive.


Similarly, Angry Birds series is another most popular arcade game series for Android. You will have a few birds to remove the blocks and kill the pigs. You can find different birds with different abilities. These games have very cool graphics and you can play most of them offline on the go.