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Infinite or endless runner games are basically a part of platform games. As the name suggests, a player is given a character which runs constantly ahead in an endless world. In order to make the game as simpler as possible, users have very limited controls over the character. For example, their character can attack, jump, and perform some special skills while running.

These games are basically aimed to go as far as you can before dying. These types of games have been very popular in the android community. Endless runner games also need fewer controls and they are best suited for the players of all skills. Some of them just need a few taps to jump and crouch.

These types of games basically have automatic running and similar controls. In these games, levels have been generated well or predesigned to have a specific finish line and are also known as auto-runners to make them different from endless runners.

Endless runner games have seen a lot of popularity over the years. Simply put, endless runner games are the games which have no end. You run constantly until you hit the obstacle or you fall, or you simply reach the highest score. They are very user-friendly, addictive thanks to their quick play nature. Almost anyone can play these games. One of the best examples of this genre is the classic endless runner Temple Run (2011).

Both Temple Run and Temple Run 2 have been very popular infinite runners. In fact, Temple Run 2 was ranked the fastest-spreading mobile game in the world with over 50 million downloads in 13 days itself. It has really started the trend of endless runner genre on Android market. Later on, millions of other games have been launched on apps stores like Apps APK.