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Android Widgets

About Widgets

A widget is simply an app extension which often belongs to a larger application which is installed on your device already. There are different types of widgets available at Apps APK. They come in different sizes and shapes, and they are easily customizable, and they are available on any home screen for easy access. You don’t have to open an app which manages this info, and they serve as shortcuts to any information. For example, a Weather widget provides details to all the weather updates and current weather in your city. Also, a Calendar widget shows all the upcoming events without actually opening the app.


Types of Widgets



These types of widgets usually display important information which is vital for the user, and they help track the change of information over time. Some of the good examples are clock widgets, weather widgets, and sports widgets. With one touch, these widgets launch the app for a detailed view of the particular information.



Simply speaking, collection widgets are used to display several aspects in the same screen, for example, a collection of updates on a news app, a collection of messages or emails on a communication app, and a collection of images on a Gallery app. These types of widgets are usually based on two different cases – opening the element of the collection in its detailed view and browsing the collection.



These types of widgets are mainly used to display some of the most common functions the user performs from the home screen without actually opening the apps. They serve as remote controls for apps. One of the best examples of such types of apps is a music app widget. With this, you can pause, play, or skip the music track without actually opening the app.