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Casual Games



If you don’t have several hours on your day to play hardcore games on your phone, casual games are here to pass empty time at Apps APK.


Casual games are basically video games which don’t need to invest much time to win, play and have fun. It means you can play these types of games on your own pace. You don’t have to commit yourself fully to play a game. On the other side, hardcore gaming is the genre which requires players to spend most of their time on gaming.


Key features of casual games


Usually, casual games come with

  • Easy and fun gameplay which is also simple to understand.
  • The smooth tap-and-swipe interface as well as 1-button interface
  • Native visual elements like matching 3 grids of things and playing cards
  • Short play sessions. You can play these games while taking work breaks, on public transport, or on the queue somewhere.


You basically don’t have anything much to learn to play these games. Due to this reason, a lot of casual games at Apps APK have only a few controls. They usually have one or two buttons to control most of the game.


Basically, these games don’t need a lot of time and they can be played at any time for a short while. You also don’t have to indulge yourself for a long time to cross the level. So, they usually don’t have an option to save progress.


Some of the best examples of these types of games are iconic classics like Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, Super Mario Run, and Alto’s Adventure. They have been very popular among the people who love to play games on their own, instead of being competitive. Most of these games are available for free with some ads and in-app purchases.