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Smartphones may not be recommended for kids. But Android platform has come a long way through leaps and bounds. Today, you can find plenty of games and apps designed for kids to meet their needs. According to research, gamin is a fun and productive activity if it is played in moderation.


There are different free games available for kids to promote their critical thinking and creativity. These games promote active fun activity rather than watching a TV inactively. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your kids are just using the safe and best apps for them. Don’t worry because we have listed the best apps for little ones at Apps APK.


We have offered the top free games for both boys and girls from 5 to 11 years old. They have depth and immediacy, completeness, great experiences, and no violence at all. All in all, these games are fun for kids of all ages.


Nowadays, kids get the first-hand experience with gaming on a smartphone and tablet rather than a PC. This way, we focus more on providing the best games for them.


We have all the games which are rated 3+ by Google Play. Hence, they are safe even for kids who are very young. All of these games are easy to play and control.


Somehow or the other, free games are made to make money. You can find a lot of games which have in-app purchases to buy in-game add-ons. Some apps also have ads. You can easily disable in-app purchases on your device before giving it to them. If they have ads, you can test these games yourself and ensure that the ads they are showing are not too mature to them.  If you are trying hard to decide the best apps, we have made it easier at Apps APK.