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Puzzle games basically test your intelligence while stimulating brain at the same time. They are more than just for entertainment purpose. They are helpful to improve brain power. Hence, they are supposed to be the best choice for productivity.


According to a research, puzzle games improve the IQ level as they force the player to think and use their memory, commonsense, spatial imagery, general knowledge, and problem solving skills. It sharpens their mind by offering challenges. Concentration plays a vital role in solving problems. Hence, puzzles help both kids and adults to improve their attention span.


They have different difficulty levels so you can control the level of concentration required. Once you clear the easy level, you can raise the bar of difficulty to challenge your brain to work harder.


Puzzle games are usually designed with a simple idea. The player utilizes the leisure time by solving puzzles. With the passage of time, this genre evolved greatly on android devices. Today, it is one of the most sought-after genres. From simple titles like 2048 to very detailed Telltale Games series, puzzle games have come a long way.


There are some of the popular puzzle games which are truly good with decent graphics nowadays. These games are far better than graphics with old ideas and simple mechanics. They are now very complete with intense storyline and cool graphics. There are hundreds and thousands of excellent puzzle games available for your Android phone at Apps APK, which come in all sizes.


You have to match things in some games, while some keep you busy in riddles. There is also some where you have to solve the complex physics systems to escape the labyrinth. All in all, these games are designed to trick your brain. In short, they present the deadly combination of smooth mechanics and entertainment with mental stimulation.