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Adventure Games

These types of games are basically slow-paced as compared to action games. It is because it keeps the player engaged with the role of the protagonist in a very engaging story based on solving puzzles and exploration. This genre is mainly focused on the story, which is inspired by various narrative-based films, media, and series. A lot of adventure games are mainly designed for one player as it focuses on the character and story.


The first adventure games

The first adventure games were text-based in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, these types of games contain immersive graphics and a detailed storyline that can keep you on the edge of your seat. They have different types of puzzles like opening locked doors, decoding messages, using and finding items, or exploring new locations. When you solve a puzzle, you can unlock more areas and reveal more of the story.


There are also, logic puzzles where mechanics test the reasoning skills of the player. Many adventure games offer a fantasy world to the players where they can make decisions on the basis of situations, such as The Walking Dead series from Telltale. The main goal of these types of games is to finish the task assigned. The main failure condition is the death of the player.


There are some adventure games where you have to escape the rooms and labyrinth while exploring the new areas and solving puzzles. There is no interaction with the characters in these games. You have limited resources to solve the logic puzzles and make way to other rooms. These types of games really test your skills and challenge your mind.

There are also simulator games you can play that are based on real-life environment and that can simulate real life. You can be part of that environment and play as the first person.