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Best and ultimate Muslim Ummah App, with Free offline mp3 Quran recitation in English & Urdu, Prayer times & Adhan, Qibla direction, Supplications, Prayers, Duaas, Esal-e-Sawab, Tasbih, Greeting Cards, Asma-ul-Husna, Daily Quran Verse, Islamic Quotes and much more.Complete mp3 Quran with free offline audio recitation, Arabic scripts including Uthmani, Indo Pak (Asian) etc, 50+ authentic translations. Most accurate prayer times and azan with Qibla compass. List of nearby mosques and halal restaurants.


✓ The only Holy Quran app with free audio recitations in Arabic, English and Urdu (mp3), plus 14 International reciters (Qaris) in total. Arabic scripts and 50+ authentic translations
✓ Most accurate location based prayer times with multiple settings including custom angles.
✓ Aazan notifications and reminders with different voices.
✓ Fasting times (Imsak / Suhur and Iftar) during Ramadan
✓ Esal-e-Sawab for the loved ones we lost. Send blessings to the deceased and join others to send rewards to ones who passed away.
✓ Muslim Ummah / Community Pray and make dua for brothers & sisters in Islam and request them to pray and make duaa for you.
✓ Find a list of nearby mosques and Halal restaurants around you.
✓ Qibla compass to show the direction to Kaaba / Mecca
✓ Count downs of important holy days like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Hajj and Ashura etc.
✓ Islamic greeting cards / messages like Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem, etc
✓ Daily Islamic quotes / wallpapers.
✓ Notifications for important Surahs like Al-Kahf on Friday, Al-Waqia at night.
✓ Many beautiful colored themes to choose from.
✓ Daily verse of the day from Al-Qur’an.
✓ Rabbana aayas from Holy Quran.
✓ Asma Al-Husna – 99 beautiful names of Almighty Allah.
✓ Supplications / Duaas for daily life routine.
✓ Tashib to count your zikar / azkar
✓ Localizated in Engilsh and Urdu languages. More coming soon.

Why is Ojeebu the best Islamic app available in Google Play Store?

Free Offline Quran Recitation in Arabic, English & Urdu
Ojeebu is the only All in one Muslim Islamic app that offers free offline Quran recitation / tilawat not only in Arabic but also English and Urdu recitation at the same time. Just download Quran Majeed tilawat one time and listen Quran Pak without internet.

Esal-e-Sawab For Deceased
Our Esal-e-Sawab module is the unique feature that lets you send blessings to your loved ones who passed away. Your brothers and sisters in Islam can join you to send Sawab / reward.

Prayers & Duaas
Prayer to Allah. Make duaa for yourself and your brothers and sisters in Islam will also make duaa and say Ameen for your using our Prayers feature.

Most accurate prayer times
Never miss your prayer / salat again. Our prayer times feature provide you with most accurate prayer times no matter where you are.

Qibla / Kaaba Direction
Ojeebu provided very simple Qilba compass to show the direction of Kaaba / Mecca.

Daily Islamic Quotes / Quran Verse
Get beautiful Islamic Quotes and quran verse daily.

Greeting Cards
Create beautiful greeting cards and messages in few seconds without any difficulty. Choose from regularly updated background and messages. Send / share cards to family and friends.

Tasbih / Azkar
A simple tasbih feature keep record of your adhkar. Keep doing Allah’s dhikar and the app keeps the count.

كما يحتوي اجيب على القرآن بالكامل بالنصوص العربية والترجمات والتلاوات المسموعة إلى جانب محدد موقع القبلة وخريطة لمطاعم الأكل الحلال والمساجد وما إلى ذلك

تلاوة القرآن الكريم كاملة
أوقات الصلاة و القبلة
الدعاء للأمة مسلم
99 اسمًا لله

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Verse of the day crash fixed.

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