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Email & SMS Apps

We rely on our phones for more than just calling as we were often used to. But these cool gadgets can still manage just more than their basic features.

From emailing your clients to texting with loved ones, your Smartphone plays a vital role to stay connected to the world wherever you go. However, the default apps that are pre-installed on your device may not be the best options always. Actually, they can definitely become a hurdle in your own work performance.


Gmail app by Google

Gmail app by Google is the default email app on any Android device. It is both user-friendly and powerful, especially when you rely on Gmail for Windows. It has basic inbox setup like your desktop site and it has all the categories for emails. You can also designate the types of emails you want to see first. You can perform most of the mailing tasks with least stress needed. It also comes with a snoozing system.

It can work with several email accounts or any type of account, whether they are made in Microsoft Exchange, Google, or any company server or webmail provider.

If you rely on Outlook on your desktop, Microsoft Outlook is the best email app for Android. Whether you are just completely into the Microsoft ecosystem overall or using Outlook on your PC, Outlook for Android will definitely make things easier from your phone.

It has a very user-friendly interface with Focused inbox configuration by Microsoft. In this app, emails are sorted into the primary tab (if they need your attention) or “Other” tab (if they seem to be not important). Just like the desktop version, Outlook for Android has integrated access to calendars connected to your accounts. It is not just for your Microsoft Account either. It can also support other email accounts from any company server or webmail provider.


Ditch your default messaging app with SMS Apps for Android

Messaging is basically one of the most common things to do on your device. Like any other purpose, you may also want to use the best apps for messaging. It means you want to ditch the traditional text-messaging app because it is an old technology, which takes us back to the days of basic phones. It is somehow managed to stick with landlines and fax machines.

When it comes to convenience, you can easily put the phone number of anyone in your contacts list and text them quickly. However, you cannot just go away with extra features and innovation of other Email & SMS apps for android at Apps APK. For example, you can easily share media files, location and documents in real-time and synchronize your conversation with desktop apps. You can also message them without a network by using Wi-Fi.

It may seem to be challenging by asking and making your friends to use a new messaging service. Nevertheless, it is really worth your effort. It is very easy to switch to the new Email & SMS apps if you no longer want to use default text apps for Android.