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Communication Apps

These days, the way we use our phones for communication has really been transformed. Gone are the days when we used to have a mobile phone just for calling and messaging. When we look a few decades back, email was considered as the only and fastest way for online communication. Today, there are thousands of communication apps to connect with the world in different ways.


These days, there are several other options that are considered to be faster than emails. You can easily come face to face with other person and text them in real-time. This is where instant messaging has come to the rescue. It helps you to text in real-time with the help of an app. Apart with sending email; you can also know whether the person is online. You can share your data and enjoy video chat with others using communication apps available at Apps APK. Here are some of the common types of communication apps for Android –


Video Chat

You can easily come face to face with other person using VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol services. You can easily communicate from one device to another using the internet on your phone. These apps cost no extra charges and you can easily connect to a cell phone or desktop. Some of the best examples of these types of apps are Skype, Google Duo, Hangouts, etc. These types of apps run on almost all android devices.


Instant Messaging

It is another great and innovative way to communicate with your loved ones and others. Along with texting, you can also share media files and documents with these apps. In addition, you can also express what you feel with emojis on conversations. These apps can also support voice messages. There are tons of instant messaging apps that can help you connect with others. You can easily chat in groups with these apps.


Web Conferencing

These types of communication, apps are usually designed for the businesses for training events, meetings and to send other information in a remote location. These types of apps can be paid or free. Some of the common features of these apps are VoIP, whiteboard, chat, and screen sharing.


Many of these apps are also used for remote desktop control and option to record meetings as well as annotating information. You can download these types of apps from Apps APK. These apps are also used for audio and video meetings. You can easily pass authority to the participants. You can use them on both android phone and desktop to share content and stream video or podcast. This way, participants also have the option to provide feedback and make notes.



As the name suggests, these apps are used widely for emails. They can be used on mobile devices and run on Windows and Mac. They work on any POP or IMAP account to access your emails at once. Also, they have a very simple and minimalistic interface to help the users interact with their contacts.