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Drink Water Reminder, a free water tracker and also a water drinking reminder, reminds you to drink water timely via daily water intake. For a healthier body, a water tracker is greatly needed to remind you to drink water in appropriate time. Drink water brings a mass of healthy power, through regularly drink enough water reminded by water tracker. Get Drink Water Reminder! Let’s start to drink water and water tracker will record your daily water intake! Drink Water Reminder is your close friend in your daily water life!

Do you want to detoxify your body to be healthy?
Do you want to lose weight easily for a slim body?
Do you want to have a young skin full of moisture and bursting with life?

A good drink water habit can bring many advantages. Drink water can not only satisfy metabolic needs of the body, but also improve people's health, so drink water sufficiently is important. If you drink water everyday and focus on your daily water intake, you will…
– Get a healthy body. Drink water can detoxify your body and promote the elimination of toxins and waste from your body
– Get a great sleep. At night, it needs to hydrate your body to detoxify and metabolize, so moderately drink water, supplying enough water for the body to react. It will greatly improve your sleep.
– Get a slim body. Drink water can improve the metabolism of the body. Fat people will metabolize more slowly. Drink water can promote blood pressure circulation and help the body consume excess fat.
– Get a young watery skin. When we continue to drink water for several months, the skin will have a significant improvement. When you drink water, a lot of toxins and impurities are removed from the skin.

Moreover, water can satisfy your desire to eat and make your stomach feel full. More importantly, many times we think that we need eat food, actually we need drink water. That's why one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy is to drink water.

Do you drink enough water everyday?
How often do you drink water?
Do you often forget to drink water?
Do you want to have a personal water tracker?

Drink Water Reminder is a daily water tracker that can help you develop a good habit to drink water on time daily and ensure daily regular and enough water intake! Drink Water Reminder can remind you to drink water timely for helping you ensure your daily drink water and hydrate your body, making you healthier! After yoga, workout, or even sleeping, your body will lose the water balance, needing to drink water in order to make body keep a good water balance. To ensure daily drink water on time and enough daily water intake, drink water with water tracker or water reminder is essential, so you do need a nice water tracker or a drink water reminder. Here comes a hydration app, Drink Water Reminder! The great power of water comes with regular daily water intake. Get Drink Water Reminder and water tracker, start to drink water and record your water intake!

Core Features of Water Drinking Reminder:
Suggest you the best water plan according to your information input
Everyday Drink Water Reminder reminds you to drink water on time
Water tracker records your daily water intake convenient for keeping track
Set your own water cup adapting to your daily water intake capacity of each cups
Smart Water Tracker will not remind you to drink water during your sleep time

Drink Water Reminder is a hydration app, your personal water tracker. As a Water tracker and water drinking reminder, Drink Water Reminder reminds you to drink water at the right time. Water drinking reminder helps you keep enough daily water intake. You deserve the best Drink Water Reminder & Water Tracker app!

Drink Water Reminder – your personal water tracker.
Download Drink water reminder right now!

What’s New

Hey, there is a new Drink Water Reminder for you!
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.
– Stay hydrated and stay healthy.

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