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At night, reading on a phone will make you fall sleep very difficult. The study show that, the blue light from the screen makes people excited. to avoid that, some phone OS has give the solution. like nightshift on iOS, macOS, Now, This app, Blue light filter for android have the same feature that make you fall sleep easily at night even if you reading on your phone at night.

What is blue light? It is part of the visible light spectrum and deeply disturbs the sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.

☆ Features
● 5 premade blue light filters
● Screen dim feature
● Fast edit the filter, intensity on the notification
● Turn on or off automatically with alarm

[5 premade blue light filters]Blue light filter provide 5 premade blue light filters, including Candle, Moon, Lamp, Sunset and Sunlight. you can also change the intensity by drag on the seek bar

[Screen dim feature]Blue light filter can also dim the screen, so that the light will not so strong to do harm to your eye

[Fast edit the filter, intensity on the notification]With notification feature on, you can quickly edit the filter, intensity on the notification, you don't need to open the app every time to enable or disable it.

[turn on or off automatically with alarm]With a built-in alarm, the blue light filter will turn on at night and turn off at the morning automatically.

What’s New

1. fix minor issues.

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Blue light Filter – sleep better, best eye care
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