Phone Usage: apps time tracking + blocking APK

👨‍🎓 I'm curious how much really am I using my apps?
👩‍🔬 I want to cut down on my smartphone time so I can do other things!
👨‍🎨 I'm really addicted to my smartphone!
👨‍🔧 I'm curious how much videos do I watch on YouTube?
👩‍🚀 I wonder how much have I played that game?

☝️ Is that you? Try "BubbleTimer" now!

*** ⏱️BubbleTimer⏱️® ***

👌 Track how long you use apps
👌 Track how many times you open apps
👌 Real time bubble floating on your screen to show you the time
👌 Weekly and monthly summary
👌 Interesting statistics
👌 Set your own targets
👌 We will remind you when you're near

Pro membership 🏅.

You can track each apps time for up to 45 minutes every day.
You cannot customise your indicator.
Adds on the bottom of the screen.

You can purchase a yearly subscription to remove all limits or break it down into affordable monthly payments.

People on average spend 4 hours a day on the phone*. That's a lot!
From the time you wake up, until you go to sleep there are on average 12 hours**.
Do you think it's ok that you lose 4 out of 12 hours on often meaningless activities?
That's 33% of your precious time!

You grab up a phone here and there when you're bored for few minutes.
You might not realise that all those little moments add up to hours of phone usage every day!

"BubbleTimer" with a real time floating indicator will make you aware exactly how much you've used each app today.

Track all your apps usage live. You can use our live time indicator that will be always on top of your apps reminding you of your time. Or you can disable it and check your time later on.

Track apps all day and then read interesting stats about your usage.

📊 Your average day
📊 Your worst day
📊 Your most used apps
📊 What percentage of your day was your screen time
📊 Which days did you use the tracking and which days were you slacking
📊 Total week times
📊 Total month times

Get the "BubbleTimer" and save time!

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Multiple bug fixes 🕺💃

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Phone Usage: apps time tracking + blocking
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