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Do you move enough throughout the day? Learn more about your daily activity with the very easy pedometer for walking and running offline.

Pedometer lets you keep track of your walking and running activity in a very easy way. It counts your steps and gives you information about distance you walked or run everyday. Detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly step and distance charts lets you compare some of your activity period to the previous one. It will motivate you to towards your goals and help you to be physically fit.

To measure your walking or running activity this pedometer as all of other pedometers on app store uses accelerometer and doesn't use your phone’s GPS. So it should minimise battery use and helps you track your steps at the indoor stadium or inside the building. But unlike most of the other pedometers the main advantage of this running and walking step counter is the ability to set your own sensitivity that gives you more accurate way to calculate your steps and distance. For better counting accuracy we recommend tune your pedometer sensitivity before first walk. By default it set to 50%. Set lower sensitivity if the app counting too many steps and higher if not counting when you are walking or running. Counting accuracy also depends on where your phone is (hand, pocket, bag, etc.). So test step counter sensitivity with the place where your phone usually is.

This is the universal and very easy pedometer that lets you calculate any kinds of your activity. You can use this app as pedometer for walking or as pedometer for running, as pedometer for hiking or even as pedometer for kids. This is fully offline pedometer and it works well without internet. The app supports all the most common distance units including kilometers (km) and miles. Keep track of your walking and running distance in one place and manage your activity with the help of the best pedometer app.

Pedometer free features include:

Pedometer for walking
Pedometer for running
Pedometer in kilometers (km)
Pedometer in miles
Pedometer with distance
Pedometer offline regime without internet
Share your progress with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
Export your activity log as a spreadsheet (.csv) file

Premium Features:

– Weight Log
– Body Sizes Log
– Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Log
– Exercise Log
– Drink Water Reminder

Surprise! Just now as a gift along with the downloading this easy step counter app you are getting a free trial 14 days access to all of premium features to track other important health and fitness parameters. Just try to see how easy and useful it is.

Running and walking step counter app is universal and easy to use assistant to track and analyse your moving activity wherever you are. It is perfect for everybody who wants to control physical activity for good health, for men and women, boys and girls, for kids and teenagers, for runners and bodybuilders, for athletes and ordinary people who are fond of sports.

Please note that some old models phone's accelerometers might provide incorrect data while screen is off. On those phones we recommend to keep screen on (with some of solid screen lock) while pedometer is working.

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