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The Bluetooth AudioWidget app allows you to listen to music and audio files on all Bluetooth audio devices, even those that don't normally allow it, like all those that only work during calls.
If the headset has an A2DP profile, you can listen to music in good quality.
You can also use it for some car radios.

With the "Bluetooth AudioWidget" app you can quickly find out the battery level of the headset.
The program shows the data received from the Bluetooth audio device.
Not all bluetooth devices currently support the headset battery Protocol.
Depending on the class of Bluetooth audio device, the accuracy of charge data is different:
– high class (transmits 10 battery States-10 interval%)
– middle class (transmits 6-4 battery States – 100%, 90%, 80%, 60%, 50%, 20% or 100%, 70%, 30%, 0%)
– low class (not transferred to the state of charge of the battery).

With the Sound booster function, you can increase the volume of the speaker and headphones as well as the music volume on your mobile phone.
Not all Android 4.4 devices support this feature.

The program has 3 widgets that can be placed on the home screen:
– Widget control switching sound modes Bluetooth.
– Widget display battery level.
– Widget Sound booster.

What’s New

dark theme
3 widgets
sound amplifier
fixed bugs

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Bluetooth Audio Widget Battery FREE
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