Lost Winds:A Sad Story in Broken Age APK

Lost journey is a story based game about human nature, suffering and sacrifice. You will start the adventure with Jonah. Find the way out and resolve puzzles. If you are a fan of story and puzzle games, You'll be happy to see this game.Can you help Jonah to unraveled the secret of this life?

Unluck Jonah lost his parent before he can remember things. he lived in a monument valley with other orphans. They are at the same ages. and lived a peaceful life there. They lived in their small world and isolated from the outside.Life is grim, but they never really touched these. Jonah is curious about the world outside, Although he knows nothing about human nature and the darkside.

One day, The wind blows a poster to jonah, which announced there is a celebration in the happy city "Loondon", a festival of happiness. Jonah was tempted. He said goodbye to his friends and start the journey alone. To the machinarium which he knows nothing about …

At the end, he reached london. Everything was broken, everyone keeped silent, homeless people looked at him strangely, even someone shouted him to get out. At the age of 13, Could jonah cope the sinister condition? Who is holding his lifeline? Can he escape from the minions of evil, or live the last day on earth?

The story is not end, More mystery will be unraveled in the future version.
– Gothic graphics and touching music
– Sad story based games
– Free indie game
– Completion time: 30-60 mins.
– A point and click game.

What’s New

-remove banner ads
-support 64 bits

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Lost Winds:A Sad Story in Broken Age
20.59 MB
Developed By
Wind Game

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