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Android Games

Since the arrival of mobile devices, mobile games have been an important part of our lives. However, the types of mobile games have seen a lot of changes thanks to technological advances. Today, you can find different types of games for Android at Apps APK. You can find different genres on the Fun & Games category. It means there is something for everyone in stock.


If you are having a problem in clearing levels, you can also find tips and tricks to play Android games. You can find mods and cheats in many websites out there. You can try these tips and tricks to progress faster than your friends in a particular game. Almost every game has different tricks to play. You can enjoy a lot of fun and free games for Android of different types.


There are different genres for android games for every taste. Not all genres can match the needs of two people. Every player has their own taste. Here are some of the common genres you can find on app stores.




It is known to be a very popular genre in the Fun & Games category at Apps APK. To win these types of games, you need to have a sharp mind and quick decision-making ability. You can find different types of action games from old-school arcade categories to shooting games for Android. It is always best to look for action games to flaunt your gaming skills to your friends.



It is yet another most sought after genre of games you can find on the app stores for Android. These types of games are really designed to offer a different gaming experience to the players. You can easily get indulged into an appealing storyline that you can find in these adventure games.


You can find a lot of amazing features in this type of games. Many of these games are escape games, puzzles, collecting coins, and others. You can move forward in the game by unlocking achievements. The fact is that the pace of these types of games are quite slower than action games as they are based on entertainment more than combat.


Card Games

These types of games are also loved by many players and game developers always try to launch different types of card games for Android. This is why card games are some of the most popular genres of all time. They are also played by the people of all age groups. You can find a lot of card games like solitaire, poker, rummy and other games available. Card games are usually free to download unlike some of the action and adventure games. Hence, you can try a lot of card games for free.



Last but definitely not the least. Role-Playing Games are another most popular genre of Android games. These types of games have great storylines and cool graphics. The iconic characters are known to be the souls of these games. You can play as a character and proceed ahead with these games.