BatteryXL – Battery Saver APK

Smart savings, smarter phone!
BatteryXL is top choice among battery saving apps for Android.

BatteryXL extends your battery life by minimizing the drain on your battery during periods of inactivity and maximizing functionality as soon as you need it. Try it today for free!

Free! No Ads!
WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, Autosync automatic and manual controls
Smart WiFi: enables your WiFi when a network is available; disables WiFi device when you leave that area
Time-scheduled automation for Autosync, WiFi, and Data devices.
Intelligent controls based on user-defined modes for Night, Peak usage times, Charging, and Low Battery
Govern internet connectivity on app-by-app basis (Whitelist)
Automatic Volume, Brightness, Screen Timeout controls
Estimated remaining Idle, Calling, WiFi, Data, Music, Video, and Gaming times
Notification Bar icon with remaining battery percentage
Backup and Restore settings functionality



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