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AX Battery Saver & Fast Charge is the best battery saver and doctor, is a FREE battery saving app can protect and extend your battery life. Provide a variety of powerful features to manage your battery.Battery Saver

Instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to fine-tune your energy savings.

Smart Pre-set Modes

Choose or customize a mode that fits your energy usage.

Charged state
When your phone is charging, AX Battery Saver & Fast Charge can show you with the amount charged, The remaining charging time and detailed battery information. You also can click on the charging speed button to speed up your battery charging.

Uncharged state
In addition to detailed battery information, you can also understand the remaining power and battery life in uncharged state. Use battery repair function to protect battery and extend battery life!

Charging Booster
Acceleration features can save you up to 40% of the charging time and continuously charge until the 3rd stage of the trickle charging is complete. Do not overcharge or undercharge by charging in short bursts. On the other side, battery optimizer, such as stop the high consumption apps, is to boost charging. Charging Screensaver further optimized for faster charging.

Battery Information
Show comprehensive battery information for you, and know your battery status.
Power Optimization
The home screen “Optimize” widget allows you to stop power consumptive background apps with one tap to boost battery life.

Features and Benefits of AX Battery Saver & Fast Charge:
– Display battery information in percent (%)
– Additional battery Monitor:
Health status
Battery capacity
– Display power consumptive background apps and one tap to optimize
– Our “Task Killer” widget will optimize your power consumption conveniently.

What’s New

Improved the app stability

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