10 Best Google Cardboard apps for the best VR experience! APK

With emerging technology trends, VR is the next big thing. Due to this reason, several leading tech brands have come forward with the latest VR headsets like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. However, Google Cardboard is still ahead of all of them thanks to its affordability.


Best Google Cardboard apps

If you have somehow managed to pick one of these gadgets over the past few years, you may definitely be searching for some of the best Google Cardboard apps to get the amazing VR experience. Out of several VR apps out there, Google Daydream has somehow led the market for VR apps for Android. We have listed the best Google Cardboard Apps for a great experience.


  1. Cardboard Theater

Among the best google cardboard apps, you can have an incredible 2D and 3D movie watching experience with this amazing video player. It serves as your virtual cinema for your Google Cardboard. You can enjoy the 180-degree and 360-degree video without any hassle. This app features easy controls and supports different video codecs.

Cardboard Theater

Hence, it really works smoothly.  This app has barely any issues. It is because developers always roll out new updates for Cardboard Theater.


  1. Cardboard Camera

It is another great VR app, which adds a lot of fun on viewing and clicking VR pictures for Android. You really do not have to register for any accounts and do anything stressful to get started. It is an amazingly user-friendly app. You just have to download and install this app. All you need to open and get started.


Cardboard Camera Best Google Cardboard app

It has very easy controls. You may find trouble in clicking first few VR pictures. But once you get familiar, it becomes very easy to use.


  1. Google Cardboard

Well, the first VR app you must try is none other than the official app of Google Cardboard. It really gives the pure Cardboard experience to the user. You can check out your photospheres, videos, and other VR content, which is stored on the device.


Google Cardboard Best App

Finding new things has never been so easier with its huge library of VR games and apps. Therefore, Google Cardboard app really does what it is meant for.


  1. Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions is a fun educational app, which is designed for a classroom setting. You can use this app virtually anywhere you like. Get immersed in over 200 expeditions offered by this app. Check out several landmarks, destinations, waterscapes, landforms, and loads of other destinations in 360-degree mode.


Google Expeditions Best Google Cardboard app

This app is very user-friendly and is absolutely free. The only issue is that it sometimes deals with connection errors.


  1. Google Street View

An old predecessor of Google Maps, Google Street View has just been updated to add VR support. It works really well by providing 360-degree views to the users of various landmarks, addresses, roads, and various areas. After VR update, Google Cardboard works even better to check out all the VR content.


Google Street View

You can add your own creations or view someone else’s creations on this app. It is a great way to enjoy what Google Street View has to offer and experience the world in a new way.


  1. Trinus Cardboard VR

In this VR app, you can have an interactive gaming experience. Trinus Cardboard VR works really very well. All you need to connect Trinus to both your phone and PC in Google Cardboard. You can enjoy your favorite games in an immersive VR environment. It supports most VR headsets of Cardboard style, controllers, and others.


Trinus Cardboard VR

This app is getting very stable with each update, despite some bugs. You cannot find anything else that can match its level. If you are a hardcore gamer, it is a great and affordable way to skip upgrading your current games collection and computer. However, it is not for games, which do not support VR. You can still enjoy those games on your flat screen in a VR environment.


  1. Sketchfab

This VR app is a bit on the educational side. It supports Google Cardboard with both VR and AR aspects. You can learn something new, check out different things, and play with several animations. It has a vast collection of 2D and 3D animations, i.e. whopping 2 million models.


Sketchfab Best Google Cardboard apps

Sketchfab is really a very handy app works on Google Cardboard. Despite a few bugs, it is still very user-friendly and is absolutely free.


  1. Fulldive VR

It is another great platform for VR Navigation. It means you can find and watch loads of VR content across the internet. Fulldive VR supports VR content from its in-built VR player, YouTube, and VR browser.


Fulldive VR

You can also use its photo gallery, camera, and marketplace to capture VR images and browse for more games and apps of its kind. This app is free to download and one of the best VR apps you should try.


  1. YouTube

Who doesn’t know about this popular video streaming giant? One thing that most people do not know is that YouTube is also one of the best VR apps. It features a huge library of VR content on the web. You can find loads of YouTube channels and videos to stream almost anything from education to entertainment.



YouTube is definitely one of the few platforms where you can find a huge range of great stuff, which is worth checking out. The best part is that this app is free with most of the cool features. However, you can get some extra stuff and remove ads by buying YouTube Red. It also enables background listening.


  1. VLC for Android

VLC is a kind of next entrant when it comes to VR experience. It was lagging behind when it comes to having any VR features. However, the beta version does support VR content. You can download VLC for free in Google Play. The main app can get all the features related to it anytime.


VLC for Android

Overall, VLC is a great video player, which supports almost all video and music formats. It also plays live streams with URL and plays DVD ISO files. You can currently check out its beta version and its 360-video feature if you like. This app is literally free to use and download.


Bottom Line

Therefore, here was the list of some of the best Google Cardboard Apps for a great VR experience. If you think we missed anything, please let us know in the comment section below.


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