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Virtual reality was a future we all looked forward to. Now, that time is here. While it may still be pretty new and not reached its maturity, the market is booming with VR products and top companies like Google, Samsung, and Facebook are working on it. VR headsets for Android does not cost a lot and with time, the VR apps are getting better and better. What are you waiting for? Let’s look at some of the best virtual reality apps for 2019.


Google Cardboard

Google has two best virtual reality apps and Google Cardboard is one of them. You will be able to set up your Cardboard VR headset easily and receive a high-level tour of the VR capabilities. You can then download load VR videos, Cardboard-supported apps, and view 3D demonstrations.


Google Cardboard Best Virtual Reality Apps

Google Cardboard is a must download if you want to tool around with VR apps. In fact, there have been DIY attempts at this as well!


YouTube VR

YouTube VR is designed to take the content viewing experience a step further with its new capabilities. The VR addition for Android allows VR playback, allowing the users to view the video in VR mode, enhancing your experience.


YouTube VR Best App

It will work with all the top Android-supported VR headsets. However, it was designed keeping Google Daydream and Google Cardboard in mind.


Netflix VR

Did you know that Netflix, your favorite streamer, also supports VR and has done for so quite some time now? In fact, it was among the first ones to adopt VR for Android. The Netflix VR app allows the users to watch content using major VR headsets, such as Daydream, Cardboard, and Oculus.


Netflix VR

To give you a little overview, there are two viewing modes here – the first one of a living room giving you a view of all your media and the second immersing you into the content. While there is no VR-specific content so far, you would be able to watch the other content in VR. Do note 3D is not included here. It is expected that once VR becomes more common, Netflix will add VR-specific content to its catalog.


Google Daydream

Google Daydream is the other official VR app from Google. It was created after the Cardboard did well, which is why it features more high specifications and is overall, a much better product. To use this, you will require a Daydream-capable smartphone and a Daydream View headset.


Google Daydream Virtual Reality App

The app works as a platform for all VR content. You will come across VR vides, settings for your headset, and other Daydream-supported apps.



Again by Google, Expeditions app is one that is designed for students and educators. They would be able to use this app to virtually explore landmarks around the world. Since the app allows the users to share the trips to other headsets, it is an excellent idea for use with a small group of students.


Expeditions Best Virtual Reality Apps

With over 900 tours available, users are likely to never tire of this. While it works with other headsets, it was designed specifically for Google Cardboard or Daydream headsets.


New York Times VR

The New York Times VR app now brings its users a fun way of looking at the news. The app is updated every day with new content videos. From crimes and politics to climate and fashion, you will find everything here.


New York Times VR

If you have limited data, you can use the app’s download feature. It is perfect for use on the go. With the New York Time VR, you will be able to play 360 videos without a headset.


Fulldive VR

FullDive is a VR platform that has everything from storing photos to allowing web browsing. You will be given your own VR store comprising of hundreds of VR-supported apps that you can install via Fulldive VR. Thanks to the VR camera in the app, you will also be able to take 360-degree photos and videos.


Fulldive VR Virtual Reality Apps

Users would also be able to view the millions of YouTube videos. The app is designed to work with all Android-capable headsets, including but not limited to Daydream, Cardboard, and Oculus.


InCell VR

VR Gaming, although popular has still not become mainstream. This is where InCell VR comes into the play. It is an educational game for children that is designed to teach them about the human body. The game is set in the 2100s where the player becomes a human defender, shrunk down in size to fit within the body. The player basically travels the body while fighting off germs and bacteria and learning some basic human biology.


InCell VR

Its visuals and sound effects are pretty good as well. Kids who find it hard to study from books and texts could use this method to study and gain knowledge. If you want to use it without the VR functionality, you can switch to the non-VR mode by keeping your finger on the screen. InCell VR is one amazing game, but there are plenty of others in the market as well.


Minos Starfighter VR

This a futuristic space fight game – designed to be played completely on VR. The visuals are spectacular and the sound effects are graphics are amazing. Together, it looks like Minos Starfighter VR is one of the best immersive VR Cardboard apps out there.


Minos Starfighter VR

The player would be a space fighter pilot, fighting with alien enemies in many, different space environments.


VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

As the name suggests, this game is designed to bring you the thrills of the best ever VR roller coaster experience, right to your couch. It is known to be one of the best VR games for Android and has seen over 10 million installations!


VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

With a pre-recorded 360 video, you will experience a real-life roller coaster. You can play it without using a headset, but it is optimized for Google Cardboard and the experience will be significantly better with the latter.


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