The Call (Anti Spam) APK

The Call (Anti Spam)
Through the corresponding number can determine whether it is a spam number.
Question time is a large number of Foil once registered on the website only the pop-up window will pop up spam.
If you do not know came up and dial the number, if registered giroktaep Spam, Spam, if not registered Registration tab will be saved.
This is most easily available to register.
Bring up the ability to register for text messages is implemented.And “LG U+” in the case of simultaneous use of the Internet and phone call while using the Internet is not so.
This application is therefore not available.
If the neighborhood of LTE.-> Spam DB May 5, 2012 update previously registered information about spam can be handled without Internet spam.
Came to the phone numbers you do not worry about it ever had while shalt receives, is it? TheCall on this case can help.

Registered number of 70,000 people (May 8) or by using the data shown on the screen will filter out spam.
Phone apps that only work came along, and as usual, the program does not work in the background. Obtain information from the server to only search for 3G or wifi, so unless the user has spam (spam DB) will operate as a registered number.
– Checking whether spam can be selected
– Developers, Operators deokol Email function
– Check the spam phone calls recorded
– The registration number of your own spam
– The phone number in your address book, except the spam numbers
– Spam phone numbers listed on web pages
– I do not know the number registered in the store and site features
– DVB initialization function information
***Please read carefully***

What will you do a number of privileges your man is often collected.
The reason for the phone number is stored in the phone book when it came”” searches on the site is not going to Divi’s created.
If all call home and everything will take on the overload is evident.
And if the number stored in the phone book because there was not any spam numbers.
So a lot of numbers are added hoc Settings tab.
DB to activate your phone number to regenerate is if you want to create.
That it does not collect phone numbers once again, I never will!


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