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Thank you for using Smart Optimizer:) This app has bee downloaded by over 1,000,000 users around the world! It’s our pleasure to provide more comfortable and fun experience, and we are now giving ALL dress-up skins for free Please find your favorite color!
Enabled to save app to SD card!
Please change the distination to save app to phone for using widget function.
“I just started using android, but it doesn’t work smoothlly…,” “I wanna play my favorite game, but it just doesn’t start up,” “it’s so complecated! I have no idea how to optimize!!”
This Smart Optimizer will help solve your questions for smooth and comfortable use of android!!
It will effectively optimize your phone by ending unnecessary processes and cleaning cache data generated in the processes. You can quickly optimize your phone by clicking a Desktop widget, or scheduling auto cleanup!
– System optimization: Ending unnecessary processes and cleaning cache data to improve the speed of your device.
– Process management: You can customize to stop processes, by touch-holding to protect some processes.
– Cache clear: You can manually clear cache data generated in the processes.
– Schedule clear: This app will help you clear unnecessary cache in the background as scheduled. Let your phone always in the best performance!
– Desktop widget: Just by clicking the widget to quickly optimize your device. You don’t have to open any complecated settings. Just click, and be a smart optimizer!
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