Private Gallery- Encrypt photo APK

Private Gallery- Encrypt photo

Protect your pictures using very fast and secure ENCRYPTION algorithm. No any icon in application list. You can easily open the app using phone dialer by dialing you secret password.
Not a single app in market doing encryption-decryption on image/video.
Built-In Private Camera allows you to take pictures and store in Private Gallery.

* Do you know, you can set password and hide application completely.
* To hide application , enable “Access via dialer Only” option from settings.
* using “Private Camera” you can take picture, but it will not shown in gallery and capture picture will be encrypted.
* Special lite-weight encryption algorithms for media.
* it not just file renaming like other application.
* No buddy can see your media files even have full access of your SDCARD or PHONE
* Default Max file size of video set to 100MB, you can change from settings.
* Hide photo or video in very secure manner.
* Easy to use
* Hide multiple video/photo in single selection.
* Manage your photos in folders.
* Easy share from native gallery to “Private Gallery”
* Real file encryption which give 100% SECURITY.
This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen.



  • I also formatted my phone and tried to find this app but can’t see it anymore please provide link. there are many important files that i have to recover. email me

  • hi
    I use to have this app on my previous phone. i formatted the phone so i tried to download it on a new device i can’t find it. How do i get this taken care of. It has some very important information. Can you please send me a link to download it on my computer enter my pin and recover my files? if you need my phone number i can provide.

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