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Trying to log in to multiple social networking or gaming accounts at the same time?
Parallel Space is a revolutionary app that allows you to simultaneously sign into two different accounts on a single Android device.
How it works:
Parallel Space creates a separate space in your Android phone. Users sign into one account through the app icon downloaded to the phone directly, and the other through the app icon in the Parallel Space application itself. Switching identity is done in one tap, without needing to log in and out of separate usernames.

Features of Parallel Space

• Powerful, without occupying all your phone storage : As small as 2MB.
• Secure: Parallel Space does not take any unique personal user information.
• Messenger apps: To connect with different contacts on a second account.
• Social apps: To share separate photos with different accounts.
• Gaming apps: To play with two accounts at the same time and double up the fun.
• Compatible with most Android apps.

• The permissions required by Parallel Space are applied by all the apps running inside. Parallel Space itself will never gather any personal information from users.
• Memory, battery and network traffic consumed by Parallel Space are used by the various apps running inside of it.

Pros and cons of parallel space

With parallel space, you can handle more than one account of a single app installed on your phone. This is a great functionality that is hugely welcome by android users. Using the app is very simple, and the process behind it is the creation of a virtual space on your phone, hence, apps will run in it as though they are running on another device. The app runs in your phone, then the second app runs in the parallel space.


  • Parallel space works great for any app installed on your phone, hence, you can use a second one of the same app.
  • Shortcuts of some clone apps can be added to the home screen for ease of access.
  • Parallel space can make a fully functional clone of inbuilt apps on your device
  • Parallel space does not take too much space – it is a lite app


  • There is a slight lag in time, you need to wait for about 10 – 15 seconds before use
  • There is admob display, hence, there are pop up ads in the control panel
  • The cloned apps are limited, special features cannot be used
  • The cloned cannot be added to the phone’s menu, it can only stay in the parallel space menu. However, you can always add a shortcut to the home screen.

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Current Version : 1.0.3271
Requires Android : 4.0 and up
Offered By : Team LBE



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