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My Talking Tom – Tips, Tricks, and Cheats to Grow Tom Faster APK

My Talking Tom is simply a fun and entertaining virtual pet app for Android. In this game, you have a virtual cat, which talks, unlike normal cats. Along with talking to him, you can also bath him, feed him, and let him sleep. You will have coins to buy all new eyes, fur, toys, and furniture for your cat. Read on to know some My Talking Tom tips and tricks on how to grow your tom faster and how to make more coins.

My Talking Tom Apk Download

My Talking Tom – Tips and Tricks

  • You need to take care of your cat to earn bonus points. However, you need to wait for your cat to get ready to go to bathroom, sleep and have food, and everything you need to do to take care of him.
  • This way, you can set your time beforehand on your device to speed up the process. Whenever you open the app again, your cat will be ready. When you set your time again to normal, the process will not reverse again. This trick is very helpful as you can do it as long as you want without interrupting the process of other apps. You can earn as many coins as you want.
  • By doing this, your cat can also grow faster. The more levels you cross, the better you can unlock from the store. By purchasing expensive items, you can gain more experience points.
  • You can also watch ad videos to make free coins.
  • To earn coins, also play mini-games with your cat. For example, you can hammer mice. Hit the line where you would see a coin to have one more space until you collect them all by the end. Whether you see a mice or not, you can still collect the coin with the hammer. No matter you hit the mouse or not, you can collect coin with each hit.
  • Seeing your cat sleeping and waiting for it to wake up is one of the most irritating things in this game. Tom restores 1% of energy per minute while sleeping. It also gains EXP points when it sleeps. However, there is also an option to wake up your cat early when it restores around 25%. Though it will still be tiring, you can play with him to earn experience points and extra coins. Then you can let him sleep later. Even better, you can let him sleep early when its energy reaches 70% so you will not have to wait longer.
  • The more you level up, the more your cat grows and changes its appearance. Initially, your cat will be at the baby stage. Later on, he grows at toddler stage and then he turns mature. Buy the right type of furniture to speed up the process of gaining experience. Choose the furniture with a tag like ‘0.4x’ or ‘0.8x’ to boost multiplier. As you gain experience, you will unlock better furniture.

Bottom Line

Your virtual buddy is here. Play with Tom in this exciting new game and embark on your lifetime adventure. We hope these tips would help you gain experience levels and coins faster. 

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