What exactly is Music Paradise Pro?

If you are a fan of music, chances are that you would have heard about Music Paradise Pro app. It is a smartphone application, available for both iPhones and Android phones, where you can browse through thousands of songs across various artists and genre and download the one you like for free. You will come across old songs, English songs, and a lot more. If you don’t want to browse and would like to directly get down to business, you can simply enter the name of the song you are looking for in the search engine and it will show up. You can now download and listen to it!

Initially, this app was available only for lucky iOS users. The Music Paradise Pro for iPhone received great attention from the users which spurred the developers on to make it available for other platforms as well. This is a great app as there are not many apps that allow legal download of songs. The developers have the copyrights for the songs available here and it’s all legal. It is totally free and you would not be required to pay anything.

Features of Music Paradise Pro

So, what are some of the features of this app? Honestly speaking, it doesn’t need anything. The idea of offering legal, free song downloads is amazing in itself. However, the makers have added some nice touches and now you can edit the music within the app and use them as a ringtone for your phone. Most new songs are available in a very short time post-release. It is also known for its speedy search engine network. If you want, you can also create a playlist and use it as and when you want. It works offline as well! There are over a million songs, ranging from different genres, years, artists, languages, and more. One more nice feature about this one is that it allows sharing. The only condition for sharing is that your friend should also have the app installed on their phone. Another great thing is that it is available for all platforms and works on both PC and your smartphones. Since this is one of a kind, this app has gained a lot of attention and it is just as well! Its predictive search feature will start helping you with song names just as soon as you start typing.

Compared to other Android apps like the Equalizer pro which gives a very good value or the MP3 player APK which is easy to use and takes little resources the Music paradise pro is probably the best option in the Market for quality music lovers.


The experience! – How is it to use?

The app supports thousands of songs, all of which can be downloaded and streamed. The Music Paradise Pro older version was also popular but with the Music Paradise Pro update, its popularity has hit new levels. The interface is pretty intuitive and quite easy to use. The app’s features are easy to follow and use without the need for any tutorial. Since the app is not very large, it does not take up a lot of your storage space. If you would rather listen to a song without downloading it, you definitely can as the app offers a streaming service. As already mentioned, it is 100% free and legal. Everything you download is a licensed copy.

• Excellent selection of songs
• User-friendly interface
• Adverts are present
• Some songs have a very low volume

Other Features of the Music Paradise Pro APK

Apart from the main features, the Music Paradise app has some other features, too, which are so cool.

  • The song-editing feature is there if the user wishes to convert it into a ringtone.
  • The facility of inbuilt songs is also making it a superior app.
  • The well-known fastest search engine network brings all the good sides within a place.
  • Super fast Online to Offline shifting is awesome and it gives a base to use why they should use this app.
  • The regular updates of the app are very frequenting and fast if we compare it to other similar Apps.
  • Users can create playlists easily within a minute.
  • No longer process is required for downloading. Only one click and you will get what you want.
  • Notification alerts to the user’s inbox for all the latest versions. 

Steps to Use/Operate Music Paradise Pro App

We all know that everyone is familiar with the usage and handling of smartphones. However, if you are downloading the app first time, here are a few insights about how to use the app easily. 

  • Tab to open the app on your phone; it will take you to the homepage/Splash screen.
  • You can see the search bar on the top, where you can fill the song name/title and find your favourite one within a few seconds. The app also offers the search filters like Artists Name and Album names.
  • There is an icon “X” you can use this if you have filed wrong name or spelling. This option will let you type again and find the songs.
  • Once your search will finish, you just have to tap on the song and click to download. The preview facility is also there if you wish to see before downloading any song.
  • In the case of no search results, there a dropdown option to change the search engine. Start your search again with the other search engine.
  • On the left side, you will see the menu icon. Once you will tap this, it will get you to the Download folder, Songs Library, Your Favorite songs list.

The Performance

When it comes to discuss and review any app, everything is based on the performance. Therefore, here is a quick walkthrough of the Music Paradise App Performance-

  • Music Paradise Pro app is the most downloaded music app on the play store. It is a golden gift to music lovers.
  • The app is most favourable for those who are having a huge collection of songs. It is the one and only choice to keep and manage many MP3 Files within their phone.
  • The file storage and minimum space is the big advantage of this app. It will not consume much space of your phone since it is a very light weighted app if we compare to other similar apps.
  • No premium membership is required to run the app, use much data, and using the advanced functionalities.
  • The app allows you to download what you want and it has completely legal and licensed files.

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