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This application set an image of any size to wallpaper easily, without cropping and borders. The whole image will be displayed with a scrolling. Also supports automatic wallpaper changing feature.
* This is a live wallpaper app, so please set as a live wallpaper with following instructions.

– Both phone and tablet are supported.
– Can set different images for portrait and landscape, and for the lock screen.
– Resize an image to fit a screen automatically.
– Display whole image horizontally with a scrolling of the home screen. No border, no cropping.
– Select scrolling or no-scrolling.
– [NEW] Change wallpaper automatically with a double tap, a timer or locking/rotation. An image is selected from images in a specified directory.

1. The live wallpaper selection screen can be opened from a main screen of this app.
Or, you can open the selection screen from the menu of the home screen. In the menu, select “Settings”-“Wallpaper”-“Live wallpapers.” (Menu items depend on your device. You can also open the menu by long-press a blank area in the home screen.)
2. Select “Image 2 Live Wallpaper”. Preview screen will be opened.
3. Select “Settings…”, a preference screen will be opened. “Select an image” can select an image from the gallery.
4. Press “BACK” button to return to Preview. If the settings are ok, select “Set wallpaper”. After a while, a wallpaper will be displayed in the home screen.

– A width of the image is not limited to a twice of the screen width. If an image is wider, a scrolling amount is more. In the same way, a narrower image has lesser amount.
– This application is Live Wallpaper. Therefore the memory and battery consumptions are larger from a normal wallpaper.

– In automatic changer, you have to create a images directory. You can create it by connecting with PC or by a file manager app (like ES File Explorer).
– If out of memory error is occured, please check “16 bit color depth” and/or “Low-reso work image” options. Furthermore, check off “Another image in lock screen”. If not solved, please use a smaller picture.
– When “16 bit color depth” is off, an image quality is better, but a memory consumption becomes larger (and a scrolling will be laggy in some devices.)
– If this app is crashed or an image is corrupted, please check off “Use OpenGL” option. For a change to take effect, set another wallpaper once and set this live wallpaper again .
– You can specify a range of scrolling in the home screen in preferences. For example, if you have 5 pages in the home, you can limit a scrolling from page 2 to page 4 only.

– This app is provided “as is” and I can not be held responsible for any damage caused when or by using this app.
– No wallpapers included.
– Rotation, cropping and effect features are not included. Please use other applications.

Recent Galaxy and HTC (and some other devices) users:
In these devices, the default home app (TouchWiz UX, Sense 3.0 and later) does not support wallpaper scrolling feature. You can use another home app for scrolling.
Recent Xperia users (Android 4.0/ICS):
If you specify a lock screen wallpaper in the device’s setting, that wallpaper is displayed. To reset this, open the device’s setting, display->theme, and select one of the themes. After that, please set this app to live wallpaper again.
Recent Xperia users (Android 4.1/Jelly Bean):
A live wallpaper can’t be displayed in a lock screen normally. To show a live wallpaper, open the device’s setting, Security -> Screen lock, and select other than “None” or “Swipe”.
Galaxy S2 users:
In this device, a live wallpaper isn’t displayed in a lock screen. A static wallpaper is always displayed. So lock screen settings in this app aren’t effective.

Current Version : 1.1.5
Size : 268k



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