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Take advantage of accurate and integrated compass, level and gps tools in one screen.
For lovers of D.I.Y. and fans of self-assembling like IKEA: this makes you an expert in placing furniture, hanging up a shelf or frame.
For tracking, hiking and camping fanatics: now you will never be off course, always having the right position and direction.
This tool is handy and very accurate – try it yourself!
Advice: for a better accuracy, first calibrate once.
** Compass Usage
– find and keep track of the right heading
– get information of your current position or a target location
– find your parked car through the target location feature.
** Level Usage
– proper positioning of furniture
– straight installation of a shelf or a frame
– quickly level out your motor home or caravan
** Features
– Automatic horizontal and vertical level display
– Choose Sound and/or Vibration when level
– Manual compass and level calibration available
– ‘Hold / Release’ button, for easy readout
– Screen Capture: no notes, just copy
– Sensor sensitivity and update-cycle adaptable
– Powerful GPS feature: set target location, and find the direction and distance.
** Remarks (compass)
– Sensor accuracy may differ depending on the device used
– For better accuracy, keep away from magnetic fields and electronic devices.

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Size : 4.5M
Current Version : 2.1.6
Requires Android : 2.3 and up




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