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Best Cash Back Apps for 2019: Earn Money Every Time You Shop  APK

Who doesn’t want to save money in online shopping? Nowadays, you can get your desired product delivered to your homes within few days or even hours. There is no lack of best cash back apps to save money while shopping.


15 Best Cash Back Apps in 2019

You can also get cash back rewards to shop at selected brands by showing a receipt. So, these apps are really worth to use. People are getting conscious about saving money while shopping online.

You can find all kinds of deals and discounts from promo codes. If you just can’t stop yourself from shopping spree, here are some of the best cash back apps you should try –


  1. Rakuten

Previously Ebates, Rakuten offers cash back on over 2500 partnered stores every time you shop. There are three options to earn cash when you sign up for a free account –

Rakuten Best Cash Back App


  • Shopping directly through Search for a store and get cash back while shopping.
  • Downloading the Rakuten Cash Back extension on the browser. When shopping at any of the stores partnered with Rakuten, it will ask you to get the cash back. You can also use promo codes with this button.
  • Download the Rakuten app on your Android device. If you shop more through your phone instead of PC, Rakuten app is worth to try.

You will get cash back via PayPal or check every few months. You can also avail $10 as welcome bonus by spending $25 for the first time at their partner store within 3 months of sign-up. It also offers referral bonus of $25 for sharing this app with family and making them to purchase through this app.


  1. Dosh

This cash back app is very user-friendly. You just have to download and link your credit card(s) to your Dosh account. You will immediately get $5 by linking your first credit card. For making payment at any of its partner restaurants, bars and shops using that card, you will get money back. Along with leading chain stores, you can also get cash back at local areas.

Dosh cash back app


Allow Dosh to access your location and it will tell you where you can avail cash back. Just enjoy your life as is. Dosh will let you know if you have got cash back by visiting a nearby brewery or having a dinner date. It also pays $5 as referral bonus. You can redeem cash via PayPal, Venmo, or direct deposit to your account. The only condition is that you should have at least $25 on your Dosh account.


  1. BeFrugal

Like Rakuten, BeFrugal also has 1000s of partner stores to earn cash back when you shop. But you can earn cash back of around 40% at whopping 5000 stores with free membership on BeFrugal. It also collects thousands of promo codes and coupons apart from those rebates.

This app always keeps its promo codes updated. In case you come across any code, which is expired, you will get $5 from the company. To provide the best deals always, BeFrugal always compares its discounts with other cash back competitors.


BeFrugal Best Cash Back App


In case you find any other cash back site offering higher rate than BeFrugal, you will get 25% extra along with that rate. It also offers $10 as welcome gift to new members and $10 as referral bonus when you refer and your friend gets up to $10 as cash back.

To redeem cash back through PayPal or direct deposit, you do not need minimum balance. To redeem via check, you should have at least $25 on your account.


  1. SwagBucks

SwagBucks is yet another cash back app to earn rewards while shopping. It has over 1500 partner stores and it has paid whopping $327 million to its users as gift cards and cash back till date.

SwagBucks Cash Back app


You can shop via official website or using its browser extension. It will show you if a particular store is partnered with SwagBucks in search results. You can also see how much cash back you will be rewarded with. Instead getting paid for online shopping, you can earn rewards by –

  • Playing online games
  • Watching videos
  • Joining surveys
  • Referrals
  • Signing up with its partner stores for offers
  • Other activities online

You can redeem points for Amazon gift card or any other store, donate your earnings to any of the charities partnered by the company, or redeem rewards via PayPal for cash.


  1. TopCashBack

TopCashBack truly stands out with its revenue-sharing policy. Unlike other cash back portals, it shares all of its commissions with members. Rather than earning from referrals, TopCashBack earns through sponsors and ads. Therefore, you can find some of the best deals that you cannot find anywhere else. It can also find better deals by matching offers.

TopCashBack App


You can sign up with TopCashBack for free to earn. Simply visit the website and search for deals or use its official Android app or browser extension. It has over 4400 partner stores and offers $10 as referral bonus when your friend creates an account and earns $10.


  1. Drop

Like Dosh, Drop app also lets its users to earn reward points when they shop at any of its partner stores using their linked card. All you need to link your credit cards by downloading the app and let it do the rest. You can also get reward points on daily spending as Uber rides, eating at restaurants and others.

Drop Best Cash Back App

You can also search for special offers to save more. It pays $5 as referral bonus with a unique code. If your friend uses the code and earns reward, you both will get $5.


  1. Ibotta

It is yet another cash back app to save money while shopping online or in its partner store near you. It has thousands of partner stores to offer percentage of cash back. However, you need to pick offer before shopping. Ibotta has its official website. However, you should use it by downloading its Android app. Choose your favorite stores and look for different offers available.

Ibotta Cash back and Coupons App


If you find a great offer, there are three ways to redeem –

  • Scan and upload receipt after shopping
  • Connect the loyalty card from one of its partner stores
  • Shop through one of the partner’s apps

You can save more at nearby stores, especially when you shop grocery or make a big purchase. You need to redeem first 10 offers to get $20 welcome bonus. You can get additional $50 when 5 of your friends register within 1st moth and use referral code. You can cash out using PayPal or Venmo or buy a gift card with minimum balance of $20.


  1. FreeBird

It has almost same features like Drop and Dosh. The only exception is that FreeBird rewards you for riding with Lyft and Uber. You can earn cash back on specific restaurants and bars as well as rides.

FreeBird Cash Back and Rewards App


You can use reward points with any discounts or credits in Uber or Lyft app. Link a card and book your ride using this app. It gets rates from Lyft or Uber.


  1. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is one of the best cash back apps to earn when you shop. All you need to sign up for free and search from thousands of deals available in its connected stores. You can also find coupons and promo codes that are not available anywhere else. All you have to click an offer and earn cash back while shopping.

You will get cash back just after making a purchase whenever you go through it. To earn cash back for using the card, link the same to RetailMeNot account. Whenever you shop at its partner stores (offline or online), you can get rewards for using the card.

RetailMeNot Cash Back and Coupons App


You can find some great deals on RetailMeNot. However, there are some flaws you should keep in mind. First, it can take more than 45 days to get cash back on your account after your purchase. Second one is that cash out options are not that flexible because you can redeem only with your PayPal account.

Third one is that there is no referral bonus for adding a new member or sign up bonus for new members. Though it can save money in most cases, RetailMeNot still does not deserve to be on top of this list.


  1. Checkout 51

If you are looking for a cash back app that can help you save on grocery shopping, look no further than Checkout 51. You can find thousands of deals and offers on products at several leading pharmacies and grocery stores. All you need to download the Android app and browse offers around you.

Checkout 51 Cash back app


Shop any of the products featured in it and upload your receipt. It will give you a referral code after shopping for the first time. For each friend who signs up, you will get $5.


  1. BerryCart

If you prefer nothing but organic for you and your family, BerryCart is the best way to go. It offers cash backs that are good for both your health and pocket. Download this app now to find hot deals on healthy and natural food products at its partner stores nearby. Upload the receipt to the app after shopping and get cash back instantly.

BerryCart Cash Back app


You will get cash back within 24 hours on your account. After that, you can redeem as gift card or via PayPal. Once you sign up, you can also earn $2 for each person who registers by sharing referral code.


  1. FetchRewards

At FetchRewards, you can redeem for gift cards using the points it offers. FetchRewards really has nothing to do with the brands and products you shop and where you shop the most. All you need to shop from any pharmacy, grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, etc. and upload receipts. You will get points once the app verifies your purchase from one of its partner stores.

FetchRewards app


Later on, you can redeem the points at tech store, clothing store, charity, etc. for a gift card. Earnings are usually up to $2 on each offer. The points you earn are worth your effort if you want to collect up your savings. You can get 2000 points when your friend uses your referral code.


  1. OpenTable

For what purpose you have been using OpenTable? For booking tables at restaurants? Did you know that you could get Dining Points with this app? Look for the notification regarding Dining Points when you book a table at a restaurant next time. You can redeem such points as Amazon gift card or when paying your next restaurant bill.

OpenTable app


The amount you will get with reward points vary from restaurant to restaurant. For example, you can get $10 from a restaurant by redeeming 2000 points. There are also some that can award you $20 or $25 for same points. You should use this app if you dine out a lot.


  1. ShopKick

Instead getting cash back on your purchases, you can get “kicks” as reward points that you can redeem as gift cards at stores like American eagle or Best Buy. You can get kicks for watching videos available at ShopKick or making purchases online at its partner stores.

ShopKick Coupons and Rewards app


Many new users can earn so many points within a week to redeem a gift card of up to $2, according to the company. You can also refer friends and get additional points with this app.


  1. Receipt Hog

Unlike a lot of other best cash back apps, Receipt Hog basically focus on collecting the data of its users instead of sending them to specific products or stores.

Receipt Hog


Due to this reason, you can get cash back at any store, no matter what. All you need to click a picture of a receipt and redeem coins when you shop.


Final Thoughts

You can earn cash back by shopping daily using all of these apps. However, it does not mean you start overspending just for saving. Use these apps only when you have to shop products you need. You can add up your cash back as savings for your next travel plan.


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