Gift Cards for Xbox & Promo Codes for Android APK

X-Box, Microsoft’s popular gaming console, is known to most of the gaming world. Though a few people do not like the interface, there is a good percentage of people who like X-Boxrather than a Playstation. With the gaming console becoming so popular, gift cards have now become common in most businesses. It works both ways – from the buyer’s perspective, something which is not very difficult to choose, and from the person who is receiving the gift, they get to choose what they like using the gift card.

Apart from gift cards, there are other means of getting discounts on items which are full-priced or even at a discounted price. You will be able to find these promo codes during any promotional events or sometimes, you will receive discounts so that you get to try the services offered by the business. Both Google and Microsoft offer these gift cards and promo codes for their products. Let us see how we can find Gift Cards for Xbox and use them.


Gift cards for Xbox / Android

You will be able to find gift cards for both Google and X-Box in any big, branded convenience store. There are different denominations available on the gift cards and you can choose from quite a few of them. In case you do not want to buy a physical card, or you want to send across some love from one country to another, then the best option would be to go to the official site and buy a gift card. It will be directly emailed to the recipient.


Gift Cards for Xbox

These online gift cards are usually generated instantly! Redemption of all the gift cards is fairly straightforward. You just have to have the gift card number with the PIN handy so that you can directly transfer the funds from the gift card to your Microsoft / Google Play store account.

Let’s take a quick look at how you will be able to purchase the gift cards online.


Buying and Redeeming Online Gift Cards for Xbox

Go to the website: where you can buy the gift cards online.

Buying and Redeeming Online Gift Cards for XboxChoose the denomination of the gift card that you wish to purchase – this can range from $10 to $100. Add the gift card to the cart and checkout.

checkoutYou will be prompted to enter your Microsoft account details so that you can purchase the card. If you do not have a Microsoft account, then you will need to create one in order to buy the gift card.


Microsoft account details

Once you have signed in, you will be taken to the billing page where you can pay for the gift card. You will also be able to enter the details of the recipient with a small message for the recipient of the gift card.


Online Gift Cards For Android

Though there is no official way of buying a Google Play Store gift card from Google’s website, there are third-party websites that are supported by Google who sells these gift cards. You will be able to find the full list of the online sellers at the Google Play Store.

Online Gift Cards For Android

For instance, with Amazon, you will be able to buy gift cards ranging from $10 – $100. You will just have to enter the email address of the recipient and a message that you would like to send. You will be able to schedule the delivery of the gift cards as well which is an option that you come across very rarely. These gift cards can be scheduled to be sent within one year of the purchase date.


Where Can You Find Promo Codes For Xbox And Google Play Store

There are multiple apps available in the Play Store which actually offer this information to the end-users. A few of the apps are listed below.


Free Gift Cards & Xbox Codes – NEW

In this app, you will be able to find multiple gift cards and promo codes for X-Box. There are ads in the app which is one of the ways how the developer earns and pays back to the community. To earn a gift card, you will have to spend quite a bit of time using this app. However, there are other ways to find out the promo codes which can get you a discount when buying stuff from the Microsoft store.

Before checking out of the Microsoft store, do not forget to check out using the promo codes which you will come across in this app.


Coupons and Promo Codes for Discount

This is another interesting app which will provide you with coupons and promo codes for multiple platforms. This app not only provides promo codes and coupons for the Google Play Store and X-Box, but also for many other stores. To ensure that you get the best benefit, try multiple promo codes before you check out with your purchases. There are chances that a few promo codes might have expired, but there are always a bunch of them that are active. It is also advisable to try out different promo codes to make sure that you get the best discount.


Play-Code – Promo Codes for PlayStore and App Store

This is one of the apps which is used by other developers in order to get their apps published for a promotion using a particular promo code. There is also a premium version of the app that is ad and bloat-free. However, it is advised that you try the app before you buy the premium version of it.

We have now seen different applications from where you can find promo codes to discount the price. At times, you might decide to purchasephysical gift cards from stores. For this, you can consider using store points or awards for gainingadditional discount on these types of gift cards.

Gift cards have also made life easier for many people as one of the biggest advantages is to receive them instantly. Also, you gift the recipient the choice of gift!


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