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Matchstick Puzzle King 2019.12.09 APK

With matchsticks, complete squares, triangles and solve simple math problems.

Solve matchstick puzzles! Train your brain!

[How to play]1. Touch a matchstick! (Players can  remove and move the matchsticks)
2. Touch any line that you want to place the match stick! (Players can add or move the matchstick)
3. With the match sticks, make rectangle, triangle and solve math problems to clear stage missions!

[Key Features]– Various shape of stages
– The "Hints" item will help players to solve difficult puzzles.
– Challenge mode: Solve puzzles during a limited time and earn precious resources!
– 1: 1 multiplayer mode supported
– 16 languages supported
– Leaderboard & Achievement supported
– Tablet PC device supported 

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