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LED Light

“LED Light” is an application that lights LED of the camera.
“LED Light” is an app that lights LED of the camera.
This can be used as a usual app and a widget.
Hardware is not guaranteed. Please use it by the self-responsibility.
It works only on HTC Desire, Desire Z, G2, EVO, Xperia,
IS01, IS03, IS04, IS06, Droid, Droid2, DroidX, Milestone,
myTouch Slide, NexusOne OS2.2, T-01C (REGZA Phone),
SH-03C, SH-12C, 006SH, SBM003H, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy SII,
Galaxy NEXUS (ICS).


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  • sir I am herby requesting you to allow me to access with yrs Led light, becouse i have Indroid device but I’ve not any apps inside so help to got it thnx

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