Free texting apps enable you to communicate with people that are so dear to your heart without an increase in carrier rates. If you try maintaining communication via cell phone, the carrier charges which will be quite an expense with the passage of time. That’s why free texting apps (like textnow free) were made. Their carrier charges do not culminate rapidly like that of cell phones. This article will give you details about free texting apps which are compatible with your Android device, to achieve the effect which you want.



Text me helps you communicate effectively with your friends and loved ones. It has amazing benefits which come with its use. Not only does it support free SMS to numbers in over 40 countries, Mexico, Canada, and U.S, inclusive, it also allows you earn free minutes by watching videos from advertisers and by sharing it with your friends. Another awesome advantage of this app is that it enables you to receive large files and videos as well as participate in group text through facebook.


You know it takes two to Tango, but Tango offers a lot more than two combinations, Tango helps you combine text messages with video chats and calls as well as two-way radio and social networking into one application on your android device. Tango has so far gotten excellent reviews to form a whole lot of its customers, commending its efficiency and creative build up it also has free games, filters, fun emanations, and amazing call quality. Keep your vibe alive; connect with your friends and family via tango today.


If you use a Smartphone or tablet, you can opt for HeyWire. This app can be enjoyed without having a HeyWire account. It also gets you a real U.S. phone number all for free. In addition to these spelled out benefits, Heywire app allows you text without the struggle for a monthly plan and allows you to connect with your loved ones in other countries regardless of their phone numbers. It has connecting abilities to over 45 countries. It is known to be the highest rated free texting application for Android-based Smartphones and tablets. You can try this app out, it is amazing.



You may be wondering, what text plus does. textPlus helps you connect with other text\plus users for free. It offers free SMS to Canadian and U.S phone numbers and also gives you the benefit of cheap international and local calls to enable you to keep the connection alive with your friends who might reside there. It just requires wireless 3G or 4G connections to enable you to communicate via calls, text, and videos.


This app operates in pure simplicity. For free texts and picture messaging, you do not need to spend so much on it. It possesses no carrier or contract. The other party you plan to reach do not necessarily have to have the app on their phones to communicate with you. To get started, you can download this app to enjoy the benefits it brings.



If emoticons help you express yourself more with your loved ones, then Comm is the right free texting app for you. It also enables you to call and text your family members and close friends for free. It gives you a whole new experience as it has been well designed to be really expressive, just the way you want it to be!

Comm also has features that encourage group chat, this means you can chat with a whole lot of people at the same time. It also helps you keep your profile with your number but also enables you to keep it hidden, if you do not want its visibility to all.  No matter where your friends are, you can keep in touch via Comm without unnecessary expenses.



Pinging is not restricted to a few devices. Pinger helps you make free text and calls to any phone numbers in the U.S and Canada. Not only that, both texting and inbound calls are most times free and you even get the opportunity to earn more minutes for outbound calls for maximal functionality. You also get to stay updated with recent product availability because Pinger is ad-supported, so you will definitely get advertisements occasionally.



Viber is no new app. It has been in vogue. It enables you to send texts, make free calls and share photographs with your loved ones. It also uses your phone number once you are logged in. however, you always have to ensure that this app is on so you do not miss out on a text or call from your loved ones. To get connected and keep connecting, you can get the Viber app. It is a free texting android app.

You do not need to spend so much to keep the love flowing by keeping in touch with the ones you consider so dear to your heart. These days text messaging can be a source of huge expenses for you, but there are text apps free for android. There are so many but we have listed out a few considered to be exceptional and functionally relevant to you.

Keep the love alive, keep communication intact. You have no excuses anymore. With the text free android applications, there are, you can keep communication to any extent you want, with minimal charges.


Go for Gold, Go for the best.


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