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Relax and start your brain workout with this smart and addictive classic puzzle game. Exercise your mind with 16000 unique free puzzles!

Unblock Me is a fun and classic addictive puzzle game. The goal is to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way, unblock puzzle with the minimal moves. Unblock Me comes with 4 difficulties of puzzles ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 16000 puzzles in total, the highest amount of puzzles you'll find in any game, worth hundreds of hours to keep you challenged and addicted.

With 2 classic game modes in Unblock Me, you can challenge yourself in challenge or choose to just lay back and relax while solving your puzzles. In Challenge mode each puzzles has 3 stars to earn, adding its replay value so you can always try to get all 3 star in every puzzle. A ranking system and achievements are also added to keep you even more challenged.

Unblock Me have been used in many schools to help improve students with their studies in classes. Unblock Me can help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday. It have been one of the top FREE puzzle games for 7 years and have created the category of Unblock puzzle games where other follow. This FREE puzzle game is for kids and adult of all ages, play by yourself or challenge your buddies to compare your moves. Line up and have fun with your buddy 🙂

* Multiplayer Mode – Play Unblock Me competing with your friends or fellow Unblockers from around the world. The fastest to complete a puzzle wins the match.
* Daily Puzzles – Up your Unblock Me game with daily puzzles that are given to you everyday you open the game. The new puzzles are crazy fun with new exits and obstacles.
* Daily Rewards – Need more hints ? No problem, earn up to 2 hints everyday by playing Unblock Me
* Sync or Transfer Game Progress between devices using the same Google Play service Account
* 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced to Expert
* 16000 of FREE puzzles in total for you to enjoy, it will be a long saga to complete all the addictive puzzles
* Two classic game modes, Relax Mode and Challenge Mode
* Ranking system to keep you more challenged and up to solve each puzzle with the best solution
* 21 Achievements, try to collect all the achievements
* Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared
* Hint system that will guide you through the puzzle
* In App purchase so you can buy more hints if you ever need any hint
* Undo system
* 100 Hours of entertainment! With many Million downloads already, you can't go wrong with this super addictive puzzle game

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What’s New

This update fixes stability and speed issues that users are having when installed from an SD location. Please contact [email protected] if you are experiencing any issues with Unblock Me.

Please also send any feedback or suggestions you might have with Unblock Me to [email protected], we are looking forward to hear from you. From your friendly developers at Kiragames.

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